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Welcome to the information section of the site. This resource is here to help anyone interested in photography as a career. You'll find advice on basics such as what professional photography involves, as well as articles on issues that photographers need to deal with on a daily basis such as copyright and marketing. Drop us a line if you have any suggestions for articles or would like to contribute to this section of the site.

Putting Together a Portfolio.
Your portfolio is vitally important as a shopfront for your work. Make sure you maximise its effectiveness.
Why work as an assistant?
Why should you work as an assistant? Isn't it just a poorly paid manual job that you're best off leaving out to launch your own photography career as quickly as possible?
What is an assistant photographer?
You're considering photography as a career and you've heard that assisting can be a good way into photography (which it is) but you've no idea what exactly it is that an assistant does apart from sweep the studio and attend to the kettle. Well, believe it or not, there's a bit more to it than this...
What's in a name?

There seem to be a load of variations on the term assistant - what exactly is the correct name for someone who assists a photographer?

A day in the life of an assistant on location
A personal account of the ups and downs of being an assistant on a shoot in the sun
The importance of personal projects
Undertaking focused photo projects can be a great way to kick-start your career and can sometimes lead to unexpected commissioned work.
The changing face of photography
The photography marketplace is changing rapidly. To be forewarned is to be prearmed...
Photographing in Public Places
It's common for photographers to attract attention when they're photographing in public places. But what do you do when the attention is of the wrong sort? Do you know what your rights are?

Copyright and Licensing

It may sound boring but it's also very important. A basic introduction to a complex topic.

The increasing importance of internet marketing for photographers
Things move fast in the 21st century. Make sure you don't get left behind!

How to promote yourself effectively with sponsored search engine listings

Sponsored listings can be a great way to promote your photography. But far too many people don't set up their campaigns effectively enough. A guide to pay-per-click advertising, particularly Google AdWords, including keyword optimisation, effective use of adverts and landing pages, as well as the new ranking methods being used by search engines.

Finding work as an assistant

OK – so you’ve decided you want to be a photographer. And you’ve also rightly decided that the best way to do this is to get work as an assistant first. How do you do it? Here are a few ideas...

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