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Carli Adby - Berkshire & London
Carli, a non smoker, has been assisting for at least 1 year. She drives and has access to a car.

"I gained a First class honors in Photographic digital imaging just over 4 years ago and since Feb 08 have been going freelance! I currently specialise in corporate, Events, PR and marketing imagery and personally like to concentrate on Fashion, Editorial and Fine Art.

I would really like to increase this side of my portfolio and gain experience in all area's of assisting. I am very keen to offer another photographer a dedicated, creative and friendly assistant capable of helping out where needed even if its just making a great cuppa!

I am familiar with medium format cameras although would need a refresh if I am totally honest. I currently work with Canon digital 35mm and have experience with studio lighting, I am also a Mac user and Photoshop, Bridge and Lightroom efficient.

If you think I sound suitable, would like to know some of my clients or see some more of my work please visit the below link or give me a shout and would be happy to chat!

Thank you.

Film Experience
Film Experience
Medium Format,35mm
Lighting Experience
Lighting Experience
Digital Experience
Digital Experience
Digital SLR
RAW Processing
RAW Processing
Retouching Skills
Retouching Skills
Intermediate Photoshop
Special Assisting
Special Assisting
 Weddings/Social,Fine Art,Fashion,Corporate

I have worked with the following photographers: Caroline Cameron
Elayne Barre
Graeme Montgomery
Nick Karmen

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