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Anna  Kiss - London
Anna , a non smoker, has between 2 and 3 years assisting experience. She can drive but does not have access to a car.


I am a passionate London based assistant of 2+ years. I am dedicated to make the best of any given situation, have a calm and professional manner.

Aside from my studies (HNC in Photography), I have also undertaken work through my website:

My experience includes photojournalism work for the Jakarta Post in Indonesia, collaborating on a book about Thai markets in Thailand and publications in both Europe and Asia.

In London I have mainly assisted editorial/portrait/fashion photographers and I am interested in gaining more experience in the commercial field. I am keen to work!

I am confident user of Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture and Capture One. Have used/assisted various light system, such as Profoto, Elinchrome and Bowens. I'm both Mac/PC proficient.

More importantly, I am not afraid of a hard days work."

Film Experience
Film Experience
Large Format,Medium Format,35mm
Lighting Experience
Lighting Experience
Digital Experience
Digital Experience
Digital medium format,Digital SLR
RAW Processing
RAW Processing
Lightroom,Capture One,Photoshop
Retouching Skills
Retouching Skills
Advanced Photoshop
Special Assisting
Special Assisting
 Weddings/Social,Still Life,Nude,Fine Art,Fashion,Corporate,Children,Architecture,Animals,Advertising

I have worked with the following photographers: Muir Vidler (editorial for the Sunday Times):
Rob Clayton (portraiture, editorial):
Barry Jeffery (fashion and editorial):
Charles Best (editorial):

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