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Kevin Chesnais - London
Kevin, a non smoker, has been assisting for at least 1 year. He drives and has access to a car.

"I am a London based Photo Assistant and Digi Tech.

As an assistant it is my overall goal to become a fluid, working part of the shoot. I enjoy making things run smoothly and I always aim to eventually be able to anticipate the needs of the photographer.

I am experienced in assisting on a variety of shoots including; Advertising, fashion editorial, lingerie, commercial fashion/web commerce, interiors, product, celebrity portraiture and beauty.

I have a good knowledge in most areas and anything I don't know I like to learn VERY quickly! I think on my feet. Everything I do is with passion and fun. Hard work, dirty jobs and long hours are not an issue!

I also have a huge passion for film and am at present shooting shorts and available to shoot video.

I have experience as a production assistant and am more than happy to transfer these skills into a shoot whenever required.

Above all I am very easy going and have a genuine passion and love for photography.

Formal Training and Skills

* Excellent knowledge of Canon and Nikon DSLR?s, 35mm film and lenses.
* Good and growing knowledge of digital medium format (Phase One, Hasselblad, Pentax and Mamiya/Leaf).
* Experienced with a wide range of studio lighting equipment. Including Tungsten, Bowens, Arri, HMI, Elinchrom, Broncolor, Kino Flo, Briese and Profoto.
* Experienced with cinematography lighting including Dedolights, Redheads and Blondes.
* Good knowledge of classic lighting setups and principles of light. I am able to setup as instructed and also under own initiative.
* Experienced in shooting DSLR video and own a wide range of video kit.
* Production skills including research, creating mood boards, location scouting and call sheets.
* Software skills: Capture One (including tethered shooting), Hasselblad Phocus, Photoshop, ACR, Lightroom and ChronoSync.
* Digital Operator skills ? Mac and PC (strong all round computing skills - previous career in IT)
* Full drivers license

Film Experience
Film Experience
Lighting Experience
Lighting Experience
Digital Experience
Digital Experience
Digital medium format,Digital SLR
RAW Processing
RAW Processing
Lightroom,Capture One,Photoshop
Retouching Skills
Retouching Skills
Standard Photoshop
Special Assisting
Special Assisting
 Weddings/Social,Still Life,Nude,Fashion,Corporate,Advertising

I have worked with the following photographers: *
Jenny Brough
Carlo Nicora
Elliott Morgan
Alice Luker
Brooke Nipar
Eliot Lee Hazel
Simon Taylor
Mike Blackett
William Garrett
Sean Cook
Andrew Farrar
Dan Smith
Damian Russell
Nicolas Olonetzky

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