Below are some links you may find useful. They're all related to photography and will help you learn more about photography as a profession.

If you want to learn about lighting, this is the place to start.David Hobby's excellent website will get you thinking about flash in ways you'd never expected, and has some great technique pages on getting truly impressive results using nothing more than speedlights and some ingenious modifications.
Photoshop User TV
Subscribe to this on itunes, and get a weekly dose of Photoshop tips from the 'Photoshop Guys'  - you might occasionally find yourself chuckling too.
The Sector Skills Council
Skillset is the Sector Skills Council for the Audio Visual Industries (broadcast, film, video, interactive media and photo imaging)and includes details about training and short courses, full and part time education, careers advice and industry information, plus a regularly updated news and events page.
Editorial Photographers UK
EPUK was set up in 2000 by a small group of photographers who wanted to create an email group to address business issues affecting photographers working in the UK and Irish markets. The site has includes an excellent weekly blog on the state of photography plus a useful section called the 'curve' for those starting out in photography.
Neil Turner's site is a great resource for location portraiture and lighting. Includes intuitive articles on how he creates his images with straightforward yet  effective techniques.
Invaluable resource for digital imaging. The prodig mailing list is peopled by an incredible knowledgeable bunch of folk - worth subscribing to if you're considering making a career out of digital photography or related disciplines.
The site known originally as was first launched in 1996, as an exercise in self-publishing documentary photo stories. Starting in mid-2000, it has evolved into an online resource for working digital photographers featuring regularly-updated news and a database of CompactFlash and SD performance data.
Own It Podcasts
A great series of downloadable podcasts on subjects including copyright and intellectual property for creative artists including plenty on photography
A site dedicated to talented, creative photographers stylists, hair and makeup artists actively testing. Aimed at those specialising in fashion and beauty, the site is based in London and features creative talent from around the UK and overseas.
British Journal of Photography online
BJP has everything a photographer could want. Our news-driven features coupled with benchmark reviews keep you at the front of photography coverage. Give your visitors the opportunity to experience
The Association of Photographers
The AOP brings professional photographers together, protecting their rights and promoting photography.

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