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Irina Chira - London
Irina, a non smoker, has been assisting for at least 1 year. She can drive but does not have access to a car.

"Photography graduate (foundation degree in Arts and professional photography) from The Westminster University and freelancer. Founder and main photographer @SaRynaFOTO (media events, performances, family, portraiture -
I am very visual , highly creative with a constant need of expressing myself through photos . I feel inspired by images and stories. I am a bit of a dreamer but with my feet well grounded. Photography is my own way of somehow escaping reality into my own personal world. I love fantasy, I studied film-making I love working within a team to bring out stories through images.
I pretty much do anything from amazing cups of coffees and teas, cleaning, holding reflectors, unpacking and putting up lighting kits. helping to build props, and anything else required. I have excellent communication, sales , management and administration skills.
I have experience in the studio and on location assisting photographers and film directors.
I am very reliable,organised with a lot of energy,quirky, full of enthusiasm, passion and creative ideas.
I am looking to gain experience in Lightroom and use more ProFoto lighting equipment. "

Film Experience
Film Experience
Large Format,Medium Format,35mm
Lighting Experience
Lighting Experience
Digital Experience
Digital Experience
Digital SLR
RAW Processing
RAW Processing
Capture One,Photoshop
Retouching Skills
Retouching Skills
Advanced Photoshop
Special Assisting
Special Assisting
 Weddings/Social,Still Life,Food and Drink,Fine Art,Fashion,Corporate,Children,Architecture,Animals,Advertising

I have worked with the following photographers: Annick Wolfers

Daniel Thomas Smith -

Asli Kolcu -

Steffan Hill -

Jan Masny -

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